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Thank you for visiting and welcome to my humble nook on the web! My name is Tara and I have chronic Travel Bug Syndrome. Luckily there’s no cure and I can safely say I will have the pleasure of treating it my whole life. I’m also a (self-proclaimed) chocolate conoisseur who loves all things language, food, and people.

The Itch began with family road trips across North America. All symptoms escalated at 14 years of age after a 2-month European odyssey with my family. After university I leapt across the pond to live in Ireland. It’s a year I won’t soon forget, despite many a night at the pub or at a gig.

A few years later, work brought me to live on Jeju-do, South Korea. There, I began my first blog, la tour à l’étranger, to revisit my creative outlets and bring family and friends along for the adventure. Fast forward to now with a new site, a new name, and a new focus. This cozy nook in the webosphere is built on 4 pillars, with the overarching goal to help us all Connect the Dots in the world.


  • To connect you to the people and businesses around the world I’d love you to meet


  • To connect you to faraway traditions, history, cultures, and landscapes


  • To connect you to the quirky, delightful, and breathtaking parts of the world from the comfort of your home


  • To connect you with the wonderful world of words, and all of their zany bits

Stay tuned for new language and tutoring additions coming soon!
Thank you for joining me!

Yours in Adventure,


wonderful introduction to your South Korean adventure…can’t wait to read more!


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