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Ants in My Pants

I. Can’t. Stop. Grinning!

In less than a month I’m about to embark on a completely different kind of overseas adventure than I have in the past.  Am I nervous?  Yup.  Am I ready?  Nope.  Am I psyched?  HECK YES!!!

What is this adventure you ask?  Three letters:  RTW

I have been researching these letters and how to make them a reality since first year university.  If you’re unfamiliar with this trio, they stand for Round The World (trip or travel).  The number of hours I’ve spent scouring blogs and travel hacking sites or talking to people about these 3 little letters is too high to count.  That I get the opportunity to experience this and not just read about it is still slightly surreal.  I’m equally as excited to share this with my boyfriend, another avid world adventurer.

Where to you ask?

To begin, we’ll embrace the elements in the land of fire and ice, officially known as Iceland.  From there we will soak up the sun and tickle our tastebuds in Croatia.  Chasing the summer we’ll jetset across the globe to Southeast Asia, to fill our brains with history, politics, and more incredible food.  The last leg of our plan (thus far) will be Australia and New Zealand for lavish landscapes, sun and surf, allll the wine, and who knows what other goodies.  Yahoo!

How do you prepare for this you ask?

By travelling to Ontario gems first and pushing my procrastination skills to new limits, of course.  This weekend it’s back to Prince Edward County, the tastiest county of them all, for a second visit this summer (/ever – it’s unreal and you must go).  And now, I must pack because tomorrow will come quickly!

Ciao friends!


“Ants in my pants”
Origin – American, 1930s
Meaning – “To be so excited or worried about something, you cannot sit still.”

Ants in My Pants, Itchy Travel Feet

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