Overseas Adventure: Round 2

Five Year Plans

It’s been 2 years since I last lived and worked overseas (in Dublin, Ireland).  The first year back in Canada I worked in Toronto – something I never thought I’d do, in a city I never thought I’d like living in (surprise – I did!).  This past year I went to teacher’s college – something I hadn’t planned on doing until I was 30+, ready to establish concrete roots, and turn the life dial to traditional career-mode (surprise – still not 30 or turning that dial!).  Now I am 2 days into living in Jeju-do, South Korea, yet another adventure I hadn’t foreseen or sought out.  In fact, life has presented so many surprising turns in the last few years, I can’t fathom living by a strict “5-year plan”.

Ireland Rugby vs Argentina Match at Croke Park in Dublin

The irony is that I am a planner.  Kind of.  I love goals, schedules, and to do lists; I have things I want to improve upon, achieve, and experience; and some of them require timelines to be effective, efficient, or relevant.  On the other hand, opportunities pop up and shouldn’t be missed despite their seemingly inconvenient (though surreptitiously perfect) timing.  Thus, each time I enthusiastically cannonball in, clothes and all.  Somehow, I’ve managed to thread these seams together and eagerly anticipate the future patches of life I will add to my pojagi.

I feel fortunate for the experiences I’ve had so far, and especially for the support from family and friends.  It is one thing to be able to do something you desire.  It is entirely another to have those you care for, respect, and love encourage you to explore unencumbered, save for your own over-packed and over-weight luggage.

Oversized and Overpacked Luggage

With that in mind, thank you to my family, friends, boyfriend, neighbours, co-workers, and anyone I’ve forgotten to mention.  As I dust off my rusty writing chops to tackle my first blog, I look forward to sharing this adventure with you.



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Marti and Roy Dahl
October 10, 2017 3:01 PM

We love you Tara…your joy for life, your spirit of adventure and your incredible talent in expressing yourself. Your blog is amazing!!! We are totally tuned in!!


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